Leydya Z
Photograper, Social Media Marketer, Writer


My name is Leydya Z. I was born in Baghdad, Iraq. I fell in love with Detroit in 2007 because I found I could relate to the people of the city coming from my upbringing and experiences, and I wanted to do in Detroit what I couldn't do back home.

I then developed a career in social media marketing where I was able to use my writing skills to tell the stories of businesses and brands in the city. My passion for what I do has led me to many different oppurtunities that have enabeld me to accell in what I do with years of experience.

I believe in the type of career that does not feel like work, one where you can wake up every morning in deep passion for what you do, in love with what you have created.

Leydya Z

Event Photography

I have photographed over 50 events in the last year, ranging from private events to tech and entrepreneurial conferences.

Architecture and Real Estate

My passion for architecture began when I first visited Detroit in 2007. I was captivated by tall buildings and unique designs from some of the most reputable architects in the world. I have taken hundreds photos from simple designs to elaborate buildings in Detroit, New York, and Chicago.


Portraits are the most creative and soul driven element of photography. With a human behind the camera, your one challenge is to capture their true self. I have captured over 1000 portraits for business, lifestyle, and personal shoots.


These are the services that I commonly provide. Special accommodations can be arranged as needed.

Event Photography
$375 / hour

For any event photography ranging from personal events to startup and entrepreneurial pricing starts at $375/hr for up to 30-35 images. Photos will be provided to you in high resolution within seven business days. In addition, I can provide same day edits for $575.

$250 / session

I will take up to 50 photographs of you at a location of your choice, typically for 1 to 2 hours. Then, I will edit and provide you with 5 of the best shots. If you need more images, they can be provided at an additional cost. Images will be provided within 7 business days.

Social Media Management
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Three years ago when Detroit was in the early days of its come-back and businesses were opening up in downtown Detroit and social media was becoming the new language to reach audiences, I realized that business owners are good at opening and operating a business but lack visual creativity. I then began contacting business owners offering to operate their social for free because I wanted visitors who were going to visit Detroit to see that we do have an amazing social media presence. I’ve since then turned this into my biggest passions and business.

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Writing has been the core of my growth in everything I've done since I was a child. I began writing at the age of nine and I've since then accumulated over 50 journals of creative writing. From poetry to long and short essays, to storytelling and blogging, there's not much I can't cover.

Client Experience

My name is Leydya Z and I was born in Baghdad, Iraq. I moved to the states at the age of 9, but didn't feel at home until I made my first trip to Detroit in 2007 and found that I could relate to the struggle and hardship of the people here who needed help. I grew passionate about the city and its people, and I knew I wanted to start a career in Detroit. A few years later I bought my first DSLR and started photographing the people of the city. I wanted to capture real people and tell their true story, but coming from a middle eastern family I couldn't pursue photography full time. I lived a double life where I was pre-nursing in college and after class (if I even went to class) I would make my way to the city where I volunteered at a veteran nursing home in west village. Now I've developed my own career combining photography, social media marketing, and writing.